Why: Advantages of Osteopathy

Trusted by national athletes, Premier Division footballers and kayakers, farmers, GPs, businessmen and women, mountaineers, mums, dads, police officers, production workers, and soldiers to get them fit and back to work quickly. Osteopathy Works will assess, diagnose and treat on first visit, keeping you off work for as short a time as possible, helping to protect your livelihood, income and family.

Supported by most of the major insurance companies you can use your medical insurance policy to help you back to fitness. There is no need to visit your GP for referral in most cases (but check your insurance policy if you are going to use it).

Many people think that osteopaths just deal with bones or muscles, or backs and necks. In fact osteopathy covers a huge range of ailments throughout the whole body. It is a system of diagnosis and treatment primarily concerned with mechanical problems of the body, principally within the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. (ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, nerves). In short, if it hurts when you move then it is very likely that you will benefit from osteopathic treatment.

Osteopaths, like doctors and dentists, are primary healthcare practitioners. You do not need a referral from your GP to visit us, unless you wish to take advantage of a medical insurance you may have.

How We Treat Your Problem

On your visit a full case history is taken, including details of medical history; accidents, injuries, operations, medications taken in the past and present and any investigations previously or ongoing. We will include some system questions to help understand how healthy you are. We may, for example take your blood pressure, look into the back of your eyes or check your ears. It is possible we might ask to check your abdomen or stomach, to check for any discomfort which may be causing your trouble. Once we have taken the history and understood how your problem started, what makes it worse and what you do to relieve it, we will then ask you to disrobe but only to a point - we need a good view of the area above and below the site of pain, so for the low back, we request that you undress to shorts or underwear, a neck problem would only require shirt off , similarly, an ankle or knee problem would normally only need removal of trousers (some lower limb problems come from the low back, so we might request shirt off as well). A full assessment of the area in question will be made and your osteopath will discuss with you what he or she finds and explain what and why they are performing that part of the examination as they progress through the exam.

Treatment generally consists of soft tissue massage and passive articulation of joints related to the problem area. It is likely that we will use minimal velocity thrust techniques to mobilise spinal joints although there are exceptions to this; first, if we believe that it is not in your interests to have that particular procedure performed and second, if you request not to have that procedure. At the end of the initial consultation we will have assessed, made sure we understand the problem and given a small amount of treatment. On subsequent visits your osteopath will almost certainly spend the whole of your visit treating you. During this time he or she will advise you on exercises to do or avoid and possibly suggest some lifestyle alterations linked to computer use, gardening, training methods or posture, as appropriate. We keep a statistical analysis of the length of time it takes to return patients to normal activities (the point at which they feel better). The average length of time is six visits, over a period of three weeks for low back pain. It stands to reason that, if you are involved in a heavy lifting accident it will take longer to resolve than if you tweaked your back picking up a plant pot. In general, the best way to predict recovery rate is to assess after the first visit.

Please contact us if you are unsure whether your problem is amenable to osteopathy. We can generally clarify this on the phone.

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