Testimonials for Osteopathy Works

I had been suffering from chronic back pain for 14 years and it was impinging on my quality of life. After trying doctors, pain specialists and physios I was recommended to see Kendall. Straight away he put me at ease and after the first appointment I felt really stiff but I had more flexibility after a few days I found a noticeable easing of my pain. So for the past 13 years when I feel my pain is starting to return I book a visit to see Kendall, he has also helped with things such as improving my posture and advised on a regular exercises regime which has improved a problem in my shoulder. I have regularly referred family and friends and each of those has been impressed with his knowledge and expertise when dealing with them.

- Tim Bourne

Having suffered with stiff and painful hip joints for a number of years, a friend recommended Osteopathy Works. The treatment has freed up my hips and the occasional visit helps keep pain in check. Having tried a number of treatments previously I had given up all hope on ever resuming anything approaching a normal life.

Dave Austin

The NHS were unable to give me a diagnosis for my leg pain after three separate consultations. Osteopathy Works were able to diagnose my problem in less than a minute and set me on the road to recovery.

David Hopkins, web developer

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