Osteopathic Treatment for Spondylosis

Spondylosis is essentially arthritis of the spine. You may be surprised to know that it is present, to some degree, in most people over the age of thirty five. It is rare however, for it to become a problem before fifty. As you can imagine; the harder you work your back the more wear it experiences. Direct comparison with a car engine is not unreasonable; if you work it hard it wears out quicker! What is important to understand is that spondylosis is something which develops over a long time so, if you injure yourself today and you are told that it is; “your age you have arthritis, what do you expect?”. You had arthritis yesterday, before your injury and before you were in pain. What has changed is your back’s ability to cope with what you have asked of it ( you have done too much).

Normally, in our experience the best thing to do for this is; work the muscles in the area until they loosen up and articulate the joints involved. It is very unusual for us not to be able to ease the pain and return the spine to your normal range of movement You will still have arthritis but you will not be in pain.

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