Osteopathic Treatment for Sciatica

Sciatica is the term used to describe pain and or tingling, possibly even numbness in the thigh and back of the leg which is caused by something pressing on the Sciatic nerve. It is not uncommon and suggests that there is problem with the low back. In clinic we see it almost daily in people of all ages. It is much less common in children. Generally, in adults, it suggests disc injury, muscular tension or bony wear and tear (spondylosis) depending on age group and how hard a life the back has had.

Usually we can clear the pain by working into the tight muscles of the low and mid back and the hip, altering the movement patterns of the spine to take the pressure off the base of the spine. If the problem is severe we will ask you to visit your GP to request strong anti-inflammatories. You may even be asked to go for an MRI scan to establish or confirm the cause, normally this is not necessary. In most cases our experience is that osteopathy along with advice on (temporary) lifestyle adjustment clears the problem.

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