Osteopathic Treatment for Nerve Pain

We see a lot of people who come into the practice describing arm, hand, leg or foot pain or pins and needles. Almost always this comes from pressure on nerves in the neck, shoulder, or low back and buttock. They can produce some disturbing symptoms such as; a numb thumb, aching into the arm and not knowing where to put the limb to get away from the pain. Deep aching into the leg or arm, the feeling of walking on a stone or having a pebble under the foot.

Frequently these sensations will just pass after a few days but, if they do not it suggests the nerves coming out of the spine around the neck and low back are being affected by tension, usually muscular, although, amongst other things there could be a disc injury affecting the nerves. It is normal to work into these spinal areas to loosen the joints and restore normal function easing the pressure on the nerves.

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