Osteopathic Treatment for Muscle Aches

Muscles generally ache because you have done too much! A weekend in the garden at the beginning of Spring or the end of Autumn, too much raking of leaves or turning the soil over, laying a new patio or doing some DIY or taking that first bout of exercise with great enthusiasm. All of these will make you stiff and, if you take sensible precautions like loosening up and not sitting still for hours afterwards then there will be no problem. But most of the above suggest too much has been done over too short a space of time. To avoid this plan to do these activities over a longer period or alternate between tasks. Most stiffness becomes problematic when the repetitive nature of what you are doing exceeds your body’s ability to cope, the muscles tighten up, sometimes going into a painful spasm. The end result of this tightening is stiffness and restricted movement.

We see a lot of this. It is essentially what we work with most – people doing too much for too long. It can even happen when you are on your computer for to long, particularly if your computer position is poor. Working into the over active and tight muscles and loosening the joints through passive movement almost always works.

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