Osteopathic Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis, like Spondylosis, is wear of the joints; spondylosis is wear of the spinal joints whereas arthritis is damage caused to other joints in the body. Strictly speaking, an “itis”, as in arthritis is the inflamed state of arthrosis. If you like; arthrosis is the joint which is worn but not causing you any real pain and, arthritis is the term used to describe a painful, worn joint. What is important to understand is that more often than not the arthritic condition can be helped; the muscles around the joint can be loosened, allowing the joint to function better thus reducing the pain and stiffness. It is not unusual to have patients who have worn or damaged hips asking for some assistance once they have been to see a consultant and advised they need a replacement. Our work helps to maintain quality of life in the interim and has been successful in helping people for more than three years prior to hip replacement.

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