Osteopathic Treatment for Hip Joints

There are a number of reasons for hip pain, not least pain in the hip!

Usually the problem is part of a bigger picture and can be seen as an element of back pain related to some nerve entrapment to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes, the problem is actually a hidden knee injury.

Occasionally, hip pain is the result of wear and tear, or osteoarthritis. As a practice we have had good results with treating the painful side effects of this debilitating condition and, although there is little evidence based research, the general consensus within the profession is that assisting in increasing the range of movement through joint articulation and soft tissue massage considerably helps reduce pain. Arthritis of any sort is a degenerative process and we cannot stop this but we can, in most cases alleviate the pain. It is our experience that an initial short course of treatment followed by maintenance visits is the most effective and, we have been able to keep patients on their feet, away from the surgeon for a couple of years using this approach.

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