Osteopathic Treatment for Head Aches

Most headaches are described as "Tension Headaches", that is they exist because of tension. Now this does not mean stress, although stress can play a part. Usually the stress comes from tight muscles in the upper back, around the shoulders and into the neck itself. Commonly, poor computer set up, bad positioning of the mouse or long hours on the computer will produce shoulder muscle tension, this in turn restricts neck movement and causes neck pain and headaches. Occasionally, there will be nothing wrong with the way you sit or work, the problem will arise with a change in workload or other, external factors. Our job as your osteopath is to identify and advise on potential areas of stress (these may be mechanical or emotional) which are contributing to the problem and, to treat the neck and shoulders. Occasionally, tension headaches can also cause mild nerve compression creating discomfort into the face. One of the jobs of your osteopath is to identify if this is so and to address the problem accordingly.

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