Osteopathic Treatment for Calf & Ankle Pain

Calf pain is frequently a result of over exertion, quite often it is worse if the activity has been explosive. The calf can cramp causing severe pain. Oddly, this can be a reflexion of a bad back, even if there is no real back pain. As often as not we treat the back for a calf injury as we do the calf. Usually we can treat the symptoms to reduce the pain, advise on the cause and suggest alternatives to activities, which have created the problem.

Ankle pain is usually associated with twists and sprains and, so long as they are not so great as to completely tear the ligaments ( requiring an operation) then we can get you back to normal activities through direct work into the ankle, surrounding ligaments and muscles.

Sometimes both ankle and calf pain can be part of a nerve compression picture, in which case the problem stems from the low back, not the leg or foot. In all cases of limb pain we look at the whole picture to make sure that we know what we are dealing with before we start working.

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