Osteopathic Treatment for Back Pain

There are many reasons for back pain. A common reason is lifting something you shouldn’t have!! Gardening, football, rugby, kayaking, decorating, work injuries and driving all take their toll. Back pain is the commonest reason for presentation to an osteopath bar none. We deal with it many times a day loosening up tight muscles and releasing spinal joints returning you to normal activities quickly. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), who are the people associated with assessing best practise for relief of ailments, have laid down guidelines for the treatment of low back pain, and spinal manipulation, as performed by osteopaths is considered to be an appropriate intervention. You can follow this link to read the article. Some of the people presenting to us with back pain may have lumbar spondylosis, a spondylolysis, a spondylolysthesis, a disc injury or even a previous fracture. In the right setting we can help most of the people who present to with pain from: sciatica, brachial plexus syndrome, trapped nerves, pins and needles, numbness and weakness or pain in the arm, or leg.

The most common reason that we see these symptoms is due to back or neck problems. In the younger patient tight muscles and inflamed joints are usually the cause. In older people spondylosis (spinal wear and tear or osteoarthritis) can be the cause. In both cases osteopathy can have good effect by loosening up the area concerned. If you are unfortunate to have given yourself a disc injury, osteopathy will act as an adjunctive treatment whilst prescribed medication similar to Diclofenac (a powerful anti-inflammatory) and a pain killer similar to Codamol do most of the work. Occasionally it is inappropriate to use any form of manual therapy, we will advise you if we feel this is the case and refer you on to an appropriate alternative either privately or through the NHS.

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