Osteopathic Treatment for Arm, Elbow & Hand Pain

From Biceps strains to hand pain we have seen them all! Some of them we can treat, some we can't. Generally if we understand the mechanism of the injury and how it happened, when and why and, any previous history then we can work out what is wrong. Usually we can treat it. We will almost always look at your neck as part of our assessment which seems a little odd to the uninitiated however, the nerve supply to the arm originates in the neck so, because your arm is attached to your shoulder and your shoulder is attached to your neck, it (I am sure there is a song in there somewhere) stands to reason that we should check it. Most importantly for you we will examine the limb and address what we believe to be the problem. It is normal for us to question you on your lifestyle, particularly the activities surrounding the onset of the problem. Triceps pain is often not triceps injury at all but a compression of the nerves in the lower neck, this can be true also of Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow and associated with an unusual increase in workload or change of work type. We continue to have some success with the treatment of Tennis elbow. At this point it is important to point out that the Advertising Standards Agency require medical treatments which claim to work for certain conditions, to be backed up by evidence. This is called "evidence based medicine". As far as Tennis elbow and Golfer’s elbow are concerned we cannot yet provide that evidence base, because the research has not been done, in spite of the reasonably good results that we see.

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