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Shoulder injuries

21 Apr 2016

Hot on the heels of the two day post grad course on shoulder injury rehabilitation, at Loughborough hospital, where we discussed shoulder exercises for rotator cuff damage,...

Pins and needles in the arm and hand.

21 Apr 2016

There are a number reasons for pins and needles, or pain, in the arm to the hand. these symptoms may originate from a disc injury in the neck, a poorly functioning neck,...

Diclofenac and Cardiovascular disease risks

15 Feb 2013

TORONTO — The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)diclofenac, a drug that is frequently used for the treatment of pain and inflammation caused by arthritis,...

Exercise in mid life and dementia in later life

6 Feb 2013

Better Midlife Fitness Linked to Lower Dementia Risk Sue Hughes  Feb 04, 2013   Print Email eference...

Winter pains

30 Jan 2013

Is your back prepared for winter? With the first heavy snow of 2013 and more and more families booking skiing holidays, the British Osteopathic Association is offering...

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