Touching the clouds

24 Jul 2018

y times in the past to re-fill my bottle - this is Wales, it always rains here! It wasn't until we had summited and I was boiling up water for a brew, which,( in my enthusiasm to see a gap in the clouds) I managed to knock over, spilling the water down the hill, did I begin to have a few concerns; over and above the internal dialogue I had with myself, which I shan't repeat, I noted that we were atop a hill and had a three hour descent ahead of us with the first available water around two hours away and it was getting hotter. A couple of facts here to relieve the boredom: a 2% depletion of body fluid , by weight, will noticeably affect performance in endurance athletes. a 5% reduction will reduce work capacity by 30%. In other words, for a person weighing 75 Kg, a loss of 1.5Kg,( or in old money this is 3.3Lbs/ 3.3 pints) through fluid depletion is going to have an effect. In brief; don't cut short your water ration. or you really will suffer. Enjoy your summer and keep hydrated.

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