Shoulder injuries

21 Apr 2016

Hot on the heels of the two day post grad course on shoulder injury rehabilitation, at Loughborough hospital, where we discussed shoulder exercises for rotator cuff damage, impingement syndromes, frozen shoulder, bursitis, bicipital tendonitis and other complex disruptions to the gleno-humeral joint, I am looking for ten volunteers to be assessed  and undergo exercise regimes for shoulder injury- of any sort. The assessment will separate out neck pain from shoulder or gleno- humeral pain. Please contact me, Kendall Chew, on 01270886288.

Left Foot Right Foot Left Ankle Right Ankle Left Leg Right Leg Left Knee Right Knee Left Thigh Right Thigh Groin Abdominals Left Wrist & Hand Right Wrist & Hand Left Elbow Right Elbow Left Arm Right Arm Chest Shoulders Neck Head