Pins and needles in the arm and hand.

21 Apr 2016

There are a number reasons for pins and needles, or pain, in the arm to the hand. these symptoms may originate from a disc injury in the neck, a poorly functioning neck, which "jams up the vertebrae" causing a nerve to become trapped. Some of the muscles supporting the neck may also pinch the nerves from the neck to the arm As these nerves pass under the clavicle or collar bone they may again become squashed between this and the first rib, from here the nerve bundle passes under the pectoral muscles creating another potential area for compression of the neurology to the arm. The very first time I came across this was with a high level canoe slalom athlete, whose arm would go dead and numb during training. This made their competition results pretty poor. I could never identify the problem in clinic because the patient remained strong during the small ammount of muscle strength testing we used within the office. It wasn't until the athlete ran up to me at a competition, still dripping from their last run down the river, complaining that the arm was dead again, that I had the true opportunity to assess the complaint. We sat down, in the mud and ran the tests - bingo, tests were positive, extent of the damage was traceable and we could do something about it. Sometimes it takes a bit of lateral thinking to figure it out.

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