Fats in your diet

18 Jul 2018

I've been reading an article on fats in food. The strong suggestion is that its not dietary fat or eggs that is the problem when addressing the thorny issue of cholesterol and heart disease. Foods naturally rich in saturated fat no longer appear to be implicated, moreover, substituting a low fat alternative seems not to add any benefit. The real culprit is processed foods flour based products, highly processed fats and food with added sugar. A recently published research article by our friends from across the pond, which followed a group of people for 22 years ( yes, that's right) pointed out that the mantra; low fat, low dairy for good health was in fact rubbish. In fact, it appears there are very positive health benefits to eating dairy over processed. Heart disease and stroke to mention two. This is great news. Just remember; if you are trying to maintain or reduce weight, this view will help your heart become healthier but you still need to be aware that if the fuel you are putting in exceeds the fuel you use, it still has to be stored somewhere no matter how healthy the calories are.

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