Computer neck

5 Jul 2018

Well, things have become a little more 'normal' this week. Reveries of paddling down long rivers and across lakes still abide but, back to work we must all go. I noticed a bit of stiffness drifting into my shoulder after a particularly long session on the computer with the computer mouse. Someone else had been using it whilst I was away and altered my setup. It took me a bit to realise this and by the time I had I was getting problems. Thankfully my better half was on hand to loosen me shoulder up and take the discomfort out of my arm. If you want to avoid this happening to you, sit in front of the computer, the screen should be directly in front, not off to one side. The top lip needs to be just below eye level and, with your back pressed against the back of your chair, the screen needs to be arms length away. Keyboard around nine inches or 23 Cms from the leading edge of your desk, again directly in front. Your mouse should be close in, near the left, or right edge of the keyboard. If you are working from paper to screen, try using a document holder right next to the screen so that you only need to move your eyes when cross referencing. Finally, TAKE A BREAK and MOVE about on a regular basis. We were not built to sit still. If all this fails give us a call; 01270886288. Enjoy!

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