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Touching the clouds

24 Jul 2018

y times in the past to re-fill my bottle - this is Wales, it always rains here! It wasn't until we had summited and I was boiling up water for a brew, which,( in my...

Fats in your diet

18 Jul 2018

I've been reading an article on fats in food. The strong suggestion is that its not dietary fat or eggs that is the problem when addressing the thorny issue of cholesterol...

Computer neck

5 Jul 2018

Well, things have become a little more 'normal' this week. Reveries of paddling down long rivers and across lakes still abide but, back to work we must all go. I noticed a...

Raising awareness of Arthritis

15 Oct 2017

An interesting news article from Shantal Irwin, CEO of UK Charity; Arthritis Action. Arthritis is a condition that causes stiffness and swelling in the joints. One in six of...

Arthritis Action

9 May 2017

About Arthritis Action Arthritis Action (Registered Charity No. 292569) is the UK charity offering an integrated self-management approach to combat the impact of arthritis....

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